Aditya Kumar Mondal

My self Aditya Kumar Mondal a licensed amateur radio operator.Amateur radio is my hobby. First I got my Amateur radio Restricted grade license from Ministry of communication,Wireless Planning & Coordination wing, New Delhi, Govt.of India on 2016.My First  callsign was VU3XMO. Next year I tried to upgrade my Callsign as General Grade but unfortunately I was declared as a Failed candidate but the Exam centre incharge not provide me the Written Result sheet. After Two year on 2018 I got my General grade Licence as a callsign VU2TMV, and in between on 2017 I have cleared the VEC exam and got the American ,Technician Grade Licence as a Callsign KI7TFT . Thanks to VU2EVN to support me a lot during my training of this General grade, he is the only person from whom i got my doubt and got my question answered , even in mid night also. He spend a lot of time behind me to train me and help me to acquire the VU2 grade.

My story , how I became a Amateur Radio Enthusiast?

If any one ask me why I became an amateur radio operator, then it will be very difficult to answer  the question, as there is not any specific reason or aim ,but I have asked the same question to myself several times and realized the following facts by which now I’m VU2TMV.From my child hood I used to find those toys which are operated by Batteries, i.e  any kind of toys which is electronis or electrical connection. as soon as I got that imediately I used to open that and try to find the mechanism of the toys , but that time I was too small to understand that. and when I  was on High school on class(VIII)   that time Musical greetings card and Musical Toy mobile was very popular, I opened and use that circuit to Make a Home made Door bell, like this. 

I told this story to realize that that that time i was a Gadget lover even now also, I love technology. Amateur Radio is the Plat form where so many scope available to improve ourself.

  • Communication and Soft Skills, like  there is a chance to improve communication skills when we talk over the radio we may use our native language or English in voice mode , we are talking over the radio such our communication skills improves.
  • Technical Skills: As it is a purely technical hobby so there are a lot of scope to improve our technical skills like, Electronics , Electrical, Mechanical Skills, as Amateurs like to make theirs instruments by himself in his small workshop like radio transciever, antenna etc. to make a antenna  one should have a design skills of making antenna and should have Mechanical construction knowledge to buildup the antenna, one can improve theirs skills by building those antennas.  these scopes of Amateur Radio attract me a lot to become a Amateur Radio Operator as VU2TMV.  And it will be very unfair if i not mention one person who is the Inventor of VU2TMV , as he spend a lot of time and resources to make aware about amateur radio as well as all technical research and experiment, he teach me a lot,  even now also he teach me  technology , I am proud to say that He is my philosopher, wellwisher and GURU , He is our beloved as well as respected Shri SK Biswas(VU2EVN) a great personality  and the founder of Bengal Ham Radio Institute.
I am Associated With
  • Bengal Ham Radio Institute,(BHRI) ,Kolkata- 700051 ,( Sr.Executive),
  • Amateur Radio Society of India (ARSI) ,Bengaluru,(Member) ,
My connectivity
  1. I am regularly active on “VHF Jalangi net 145.350 Mhz” at my Native at 8.30 PM to 9.00 PM  
  2. Active on HF 20 Meter band on QRP station.
  3. Active on Echolink Android App,
Event Participated:-
  1.  East India Ham Meet 2017,
  2. Ham Fest India 2017,
  3. LARC Ham Meet 2018.
  4. BHRI Field Day 2017, 2018, 2019.
  5. Inauguration ceremony of the magazine “Amateur Electronics” by Bengal Ram radio Institute.
  6. Amateur Radio Awareness Camp for High School Level Students 2017
  7. One day Workshop on Amateur Radio Awareness with Bharat Scout & Guide 2018
  8. “Sattelite Communication Work shop” by Bengal Ham Radio Institute, Kolkata 
  9. One day Work shop on Microcontroller And Arduino at BHRI 
Disaster Management & Amateur Radio Emergency Communication Support:-
  1. I have participated inthe Amateur Radio Emmergency Communication Support on ” Cyclone Bulbul 2019, November.  on VHF and HF  communication from my QTH.
  2. Also participated District level and State level Mock exercise with many goverment agency like NDRF, State disaster management Team, WB medical team etc.