Own QSL Card Designing

what is QSL Card?

QSL card is a written confirmation of either a two-way radiocommunication between two amateur radio stations; a one-way reception of a signal from an AM radioFM radiotelevision or shortwave broadcasting station; or the reception of a two-way radiocommunication by a third party listener. A typical QSL card is the same size and made from the same material as a typical postcard, and most are sent through the mail as such.

QSL card derived its name from the Q code “QSL”. A Q code message can stand for a statement or a question (when the code is followed by a question mark). In this case, ‘QSL?’ (note the question mark) means “Do you confirm receipt of my transmission?” while ‘QSL’ (without a question mark) means “I confirm receipt of your transmission.”.


Free PSD file for Your reference

Here I sm sharing  a PSD file for your reference which will be open with Adobe Photoshop or other compatible Image editing Software  you Can Edit and Customize as per your Required Data, You Have to do Nothing Just follow the Steps to do that( required a little bit Image Editing Basic Knowledge)

1. Download The PSD file from here    Click to Download 

2. You will get BG.Zip file Unzip it and you you can see your BG.PSD file which will open by Photoshop Software ( If you already Have Photoshop only then Use it other wise no need to download it use GIMP a free Software  alternative of Photoshop ).  Down load GIMP software for free  from Internet . Install it and Open The PSD file which you downloaded from my website.

3. Now Right side You can see Layers of Content ..Customize it as per your requirement 

4. After Adding your Name , and Other Data Finally Save it As JPG or Other File supporting to Your Printing Shop.

5. Ask Your Printing Shop keeper  to Set it in a sheet of 18″x 12″ size  Approx 9 QSL Card will be Set(Though a single card Sized in 4×6 inch but shop keeper can manage it ) with in a Single Sheet ,Printer shop keeper  Will charge You Rs. 25 to Rs.30 per Sheet  as per Market rate, how much you required Print it and Ask shop keeper to Cut it into  single Card..(Extra Charge May ask for Cutting)

I am Sharing Below a Sample Look.

Now your QSL card is ready to use.

Thank You 


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